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Nebraska Churches "Just Say NO!" to Pro-homosexual Pastor

In yesterday's Omaha World-Herald, there was an article (written by Julia McCord) about two small rural UM churches in Nebraska who are "in revolt over the appointment of a pastor who supports homosexual covenant ceremonies."

"The Nehawka and Weeping Water United Methodist Churches informed Omaha District Superintendent Ronald Croom on Monday that they would not accept the Rev. Doyle Burbank-Williams as their new pastor." Burbank-Williams was an early supporter of Jimmy Creech. I have seen him on TV with Jimmy, and his name is on the list of pastors who will perform covenant ceremonies.

One of the Weeping Water church officials was quoted as saying that the churches had asked for a conservative pastor. He says, "They (denominational leaders) are playing politics and affecting people like us out here." "It's awful."

"Burbank-Williams said he would not, however, perform covenant ceremonies in churches such as Weeping Water and Nehawka that are on record as opposing the ceremonies." The church official quoted above said that's not good enough. "We don't want a pastor who believes this," he said. "It's a bad influence for the youth."

In another article, a pastor at an Omaha Disciples of Christ church performed a covenant ceremony at her church recently. Although the Disciples of Christ church has no prohibition against such things, the congregation has split anyway. The pastor declined to say how many members had left.

Is it just me, or do you feel the ground swelling, too? Bit by bit, people are starting to say, "NO!"

Diane West

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