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Pro-Gay & Lesbian UM Agency recommend New England become Reconciling Conference

From: Rev. Michael Pike:

To: Confessing Movement News List, CM Association Connection, Prayer List Prayer ALERT

Our conference newspaper for the New England Annual Conference (NEAC) just released the following resolution to be proposed for THIS YEAR.

New England Annual Conference - Resolution to become a "Reconciling Conference"

Recognizing that all children of God are persons of sacred worth, we the members of the New England Annual Conference, declare that the New England Annual Conference is a Reconciling Conference. This means that we will welcome persons of every age, gender, ethnic origin, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, economic reality, and diverse ability into the life and work of the Annual Conference. We acknowledge, with humility, that our conference is not of a common mind on the question of the compatibility of homosexual practice with Christian teaching. We commit ourselves to further prayer and study. Alone, we are not equal to this task. We trust God to lead us in this work of reconciliation.

(recommended by the Subcommittee on Reconciling Ministries- Bd. of Church and Society) To be proposed at Annual Conference Session June 5-7, 1998

Rev. Michael Pike, Liason for Confessing Movement to NEAC - -or-

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