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NC Annual Conference Says "No" To General Agency Official Support For Pro-Abortion Organization

I don't know how they could have missed it, but the Annual Conference report supplied to UMNS by our NC Annual Conference Communications Director somehow omitted an important conference decision.

As previously reported to you, the NC Annual Conference voted Sunday, June 13th to send a letter to the General Board of Church and Society and the Women's Division of the GBGM calling on them to immediately withdraw their support and involvement in the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC). RCRC has never met an abortion they didn't like and those two United Methodist organizations are the first to be listed on the RCRC letterhead.

Our Church's involvement with this pro-death group is an embarrassment. I wonder how this call to "come out from among them" went unnoticed by those official organs reporting the events of this year's NC Annual Conference meeting.

It looks like the Unofficial Confessing Movement news page is still going to be the only source for news that doesn't follow Pravda's... make that the UMNS's... party line.

Ben Sharpe

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