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Traditional Christian Delegation To Uphold Orthodox Faith At General Conference - Bishop Draws Praise

We have now completed our laity delegation to General Conference 2000. We are confident that all will vote to uphold the Discipline on the issue of homosexual practice.

We have elected 9 of 10 clergy delegates. We are confident that 7 of the 9 will likewise be voices of orthodoxy at GCY2K. At the present time it appears that our 10th delegate will also be within the mainstream of traditional Wesleyan faith and practice.

Resolutions will be coming up tomorrow. The Committee on Resolutions has voted by ONE vote NON-CONCURRENCE with a resolution similar to the one presented by LifeWatch. Please be in prayer that this is given a fair hearing, is graciously received and passed along as a petition to GCY2K.

Our Bishop (Marion Edwards) has done a wonderful job of presiding at this Annual Conference. He has shown a great deal of wisdom and grace in dealing with several difficult situations. Bishop Edwards has demonstrated that he is a man of honesty and humility.

Perhaps the best statement of the day was delivered by a young African American man who was born with Cerebral Palsy and is now attending one of the historically Black Colleges supported by the UMC. He said, "I was described as a special needs child but the only special need I had was Jesus Christ!" That brought the house down with shouts of AMEN.

Ben Sharpe NC Annual Conference Confessing Movement

Greg Jenks President, NC Annual Conference Evangelical Fellowship

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