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Bishop Edwards Speak Against Homosexuality, North Carolina Computer Glitch Deletes Evangelical Vote


Thus far the NC Annual Conference has elected 6 lay delegates out of 10 all of whom will stand with the current wording of the Discipline on the homosexual issue.

We have elected 2 clergy delegates of 10 possible. Only one of the two supports the current wording of the BoD.

During our 3rd clergy ballot there was a mysterious computer malfunction which resulted in the invalidation of roughly 100 evangelical ballots. This nearly went unchallenged and the clergy continued voting on ballot number 4. As it turns out, David Banks (a leading evangelical and former delegate to GC), who had received nearly 100 votes on the first 2 ballots had his ballot number invalidated as it was scanned.

There was no HUMAN intent to disrupt the balloting, however it was odd that only ballots that supported evangelical clergy suffered from this glitch. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places.

Please put out the word to have folks pray for the NC Annual Conference. There are several pro-homosexual clergy who surprizingly are very viable candidates for election. There was an early move from the more liberal contingent of the conference to squelch any resolutions from being sent by the NCAC to GCY2K. This was defeated. But the battle rages still.

Please pray for Bishop Edwards. Today in his state of the church address he stated that those who held to the pro-homosexual position were wrong -- dangerously wrong. This was a courageous statement that I am sure was not well received by the "wreck-oncilers".

Finally we will be presenting a gracious, clearly worded pro-life statement that we pray will be directed as a petition to GCY2K. Pray that light, rather than darkness will be embraced by this annual conference.

Ben Sharpe
NCAC Confessing Movement Coordinator

Greg Jenks
President, NCAC Evangelical Fellowship

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