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Mississippi and South Indiana Conferences
consider North Indiana Petition

UPDATE 04-14-98: FUMC Water Valley, Mississippi sign on:

To Austin W. Fergusson of the North Indiana Conference,

Thanks for your prayers. The Lord is answering them. I thought you might like to know that the Administrative Board of the First United Methodist Church in Water Valley, Mississippi tonight voted unanimously (every member signed) to send your petition [North Indiana Petition] to Mississippi Annual Conference. My cluster ministers voted today to also sign the petition and send it in. See what happens when you are faithful to God..He makes your labor fruitful. God bless you both in your ministry.

Brother in Christ Billy Ray Stonestreet

Austin W. Fergusson of the North Indiana Conference writes,

Thank you again for keeping the North Indiana Petition up there.  I have been contacted by Mississippi and South Indiana Conferences to bring the petition up at those conferences within the past two days.

Of all the petitions posted, A Petition to the Members of the North Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church has received the most interest and comment on the discussion lists and this website.   It deserves a closer look.

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