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Convicted Pastor Dell Elected To Carry Pro-homosexuality Torch to GC2000 For Northern IL

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Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 7:48 AM

Of the delegates to General Conference our evangelical slate was almost completely lost. Not one of the clergy we promoted was elected to anything. Only three of our laity were and only one of them to general conference.

Also, among the clergy elected were the Rev Greg Dell (they are assuming his appeal will overturn his conviction), James Preston (jurisdictional) the author of We Were Baptized Too (The book that stated that if we did not accept homosexuality as normal that it denied their baptism. He is also the former head of the Reconciling Task Force.) You can expect and estimated 9 to 11 votes for the reconciling side at general conference. (We have twelve delegated 6 clergy and 6 laity) Of course we are the Northern Illinois Conference, home of Rosemary Ruther (radical feminist and seminary instructor), The Reconciling Task Force, The Reconciling Congregations Program, and various others. Also, our MSFA organization is so radical that it considers Bishop Sprague too soft on the homosexuality issue.

From behind the lines.

James Preston co-author of "We Were Baptized Too" which is a book that claims by not accepting homosexuality as God's gift to them that we deny their baptism.

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