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Evangelicals Fair Well In Election, Pro-homosexuality and Pro-abortion Petitions Fail


Missouri East Conference completed its business yesterday in Columbia, going two hours over to finish delegate elections.

Evangelical candidates and issues of concern to us did VERY WELL!

We drew up a slate of candidates for general/jurisdictional conferences and sent a letter to all eligible clergy voters. This we believe contributed to our success, plus the fact that we HELD our ground on candidates and made no deals with other groups. As a result, 2 of the 4 general conference clergy delegates are clearly evangelical, as well as two of the four clergy delegates to jurisdictional conference. We didn't fare quite so well with the laity, though it could have been much worse. 0 out of 4 laity delegates are evangelical or sympathetic to our cause on the general conference delegation; however, 3 out of 4 jurisdictional conference laity delegates are evangelical or support our causes.

Additionally, a petition endorsing a request to the general conference to remove the prohibition on same sex unions was defeated in legislative committee, and when it came to the floor as a minority report, it was TABLED (which we considered a victory!). A petition favoring "reproductive choice" for women was defeated in committee, and sustained by the conference. This is a turnaround from previous years.

For the first time, the Confessing Movement had an informational booth. It came grudgingly, but we got it just the same. It had A LOT of traffic; much of the literature was picked up.

On a side issue, both conferences voted to merge into one Missouri Conference. While this was not a conservative/liberal issue, most evangelicals voted for merger.

All in all, we feel VERY GOOD about the outcome of our annual conference, though we know the hard work is very much before us. God's Spirit is at work in Missouri East.

JEFF SPAULDING Salem, Missouri (Missouri East Confessing Movement)


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