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Breakaway Omaha Laity Fellowship Becomes a United Methodist Church


Today, our church received its charter, and we are now the newest United Methodist Church in Nebraska!

What a day it was! We had a children's Christmas program, a baptism, transfers of membership, and professions of faith. I don't know the exact number, but about 260 people became charter members today! We all signed a special parchment paper that will hang in our church someday.

We always have a "fellowship time" after the service, but we outgrew our old space so we moved to a bigger room today. We also had to open up the balcony for seating during the service! It was a great day!

Our next big step is to figure out what our permanent name will be. We didn't feel like we had been able to spend the time to find just the right one yet, so we decided to wait.

I think the future looks very bright for our church, and we are excited to have gotten to this point.

Diane West

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