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Breakaway Laity Fellowship Receive Appointment of a Pastor

Today in church, our new pastor appointment was announced. GREAT NEWS!! Our new pastor will be Michael McInnes, who is currently serving a UM/Presbyterian church in St. Edward, NE.

Last week, those of us who are acting as the SPRC got to meet Mike and his wife. They are a perfect fit for our group in every way! They both have a way about them that is very healing, honest, and caring. Without even knowing it, they said and did things that helped us know in our hearts that they are the ones we need. He will start on Nov. 1st.

We are so excited about them joining us and are so glad that things have worked out in this way. We all believe that we will have a wonderful future ahead of us.

Thanks again for the prayers you have offered for our group. Without them, I'm sure this would not have been possible.

Diane West

Here's an article about our new pastor...YEAH!!,1336,3`0`41188`1,00.html

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