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Omaha Laity Fellowship Vote to Press On to Form New Congregation

We [The Laity Fellowship, formerly of First UMC Omaha] held a business meeting today after our church service, at which our Laity Fellowship unanimously (at least from what I could see) reaffirmed their desire to go forward in forming a new UMC. Our request has been approved at the district level and will go to the conference this week. Conversations are also beginning regarding pastoral leadership.

As most of you know, many of those in our group are older people. These people reaffirmed today that they want to be the rock (knowing that their faith in Jesus is the real rock) upon which our new congregation is built. This church will grow and bring in more young people, and it will be a living legacy to their faith. I think it is quite a testimony that people of this age are willing to start over again and pave the path for future generations. I am proud of them for their faith and for the heritage they will leave us.

Our soloist sang "The Lord's Prayer" today. I happened to find out later that she sang it for one of our members who had been a Prisoner-of-War in W.W.II. He told me his story today, as I ended up sitting with him during our coffee hour. He and several others were being transported when a bomb raid began. The Germans locked them in their transport vehicle and ran for the bomb shelters. The bombs began falling like rain. This man said he quietly started singing "The Lord's Prayer" and was quickly asked to sing it louder so the others could hear. When he got to the end and said "Amen," the bombs immediately stopped. They had not even been touched. It was really interesting hearing all that he had been through. It was also nice to be able to thank him personally for what he had done.

Please keep us in your prayers this week as our future continues to unfold.

Diane West

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