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Laity Group's Faithfulness Bearing Fruit in Omaha with First Sunday School

Sunday School Kick-off

Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998
From: "the West's"
Subject: Today's Kick-Off


Our Laity Fellowship group had a Fall Sunday school kick-off and potluck today. I think the whole day was a success! It was busy, and people were buzzing around the building for about five hours by the time it was all done and over. There was a lot of excitement all around. People are really lending a hand and working together to make things work.

Looking back at where we were several months ago, it sure feels like we've come a long way. We left everything behind and started with not even a scrap of paper to our names. It really shows how much God will provide for people when they just listen to what He tells them to do. We even had people in the balcony today!

Thanks for all the prayers.


One Week Before

Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998
From: "the West's"
Subject: Next Sunday


I have a prayer request for all of you. As you probably know, we (the Laity Fellowship) are still meeting for worship every Sunday. Next Sunday is a very important one for us, as we will be having our Sunday school kick-off. We are having classes for all age groups and a nursery.

As I have been in charge of getting these programs organized, I'm not sure whether I'm nervous or excited about it. It hasn't been easy to build an entire Sunday school program from scratch in about a month's time. Not having a pastoral decision-maker or our own building in which to store materials, supplies, etc. has not made it any easier. However, with the help of many people (including Sherrie, who is on this list!), it appears that we are going to pull it off. The teaching materials are here, the teachers are in place, and the room assignments have been made.

I'm a little afraid that I've forgotten something, though. I've never done this before, especially under these circumstances. I really want to do this right, as I know that our education programs will play a very crucial part in our growth and development. Looking back several weeks, I was feeling horribly overwhelmed at the prospect of putting all of this together. Everything has fallen into place, though, and now it seems too easy. I sure hope I didn't forget to do something!

Please pray for our teachers and for the growth of all who attend our classes. Please also pray for those of us who continue to make decisions about the direction the Laity Fellowship should take. I'm sure that Sherrie can attest to the fact that this is not easy for any of us. It's a totally different world when there is nobody else to call the shots but yourselves. You quickly realize how much you don't know and how much you have to rely on God to lead you and provide for you. In a way, I feel sorry for the pastor we will get someday...the poor person will probably go crazy with a group of such "helpful" people. :-)


Two Weeks Before

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998
From: "the West's"
Subject: Good things


I am just about to burst about all the great ways God has been providing for our Laity Fellowship group. It really is true that if you step out on even the tiniest little limb, He will put solid ground under your feet!

I think I already told you about what happened with the news last week...we were trying to decide the best way to advertise our programs starting this fall and, the next day, a news station called wanting to interview someone about that exact thing!

This week, at least four more miraculous things have happened just in the area I am working on. I don't know what has happened for everyone else. I am in charge of our education area, and Sunday School has been falling into place much like the "five loaves and two fish" thing. One company has even offered to give me Sunday school materials for no charge. It looked like it was going to be really hard to get a whole Sunday school program off the ground (from scratch) within about a month's time (without an official pastor or a building of our own), but we are going to do it.

We have decided to have volunteers in our nursery and get them CPR trained. Guess what happened? It is usually $25 per person. Would you believe that I'm getting it for only a small donation for however many sessions we want to have? I just now got a phone call that the location where we will be holding these sessions will also be free.

It's amazing how things work out!


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