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Omaha First Seeks "Reconciling" Relationship with Laity in Exile

One Laity member writes, "The Laity of First UMC in Exile are meeting with the new Pastor Don. They ask that we keep them in prayer for the Holy Spirit of God to move and bring about God's purpose. Don will have about 10 laity from his side at the meeting, which is in the morning starting at 11:00 a.m. and lasting until noon (CDST).

This is a great call for the people of God to hold up in prayer folk who are seeking to be true to the calling they feel from God. If you are able during your worship prayer times in the morning to remember them all and asking for God' Holy Spirit to work God's Holy Will, please do so. May we all be able to move back toward our holiness call in the spirit of John Wesley. Please pass this to call you can."

The members of the laity rally group have been given the advice to try & make an effor to go back to First (if possible), stay in the UM denomination, etc by several persons, both laity & clergy. The latest edition of FUMC's church paper-"Bread" (features both local & national UM & related news)on Thursday, reported there were some cut backs on the church staff & now the paper is mainly put together by volunteers-laity up at First church.

One article in the "Bread" was "Calling All Marchers for Gay Pride Parade" being held on June 28 in downtown Omaha & the others was an invitation to attend the "Reconciling Conference July 24-26" in Kansas City MO. The bulk of the speakers are from St. Paul School of Theology (Tex Sample, Gene Lowry, Emilie Townes) & Bishop Fritz Mutti (KS conference).

One member of the laity group comments, "What this tells me is that they are carrying on with Jimmy's ministry just as he asked them to do. Meaning, it would be the same old thing if we were to try and go back there."

Again, please pray for the Laity Rally Members tomorrow morning-11am to Noon (Central standard Day light savings time). This when we are having our "Q & A Session" with Don B. & his 10 member entourage, to see if we could even consider going back. This is happening right after our worship service. And also pray for us on Monday evening, Tuesday evening & Wednesday evening. The Laity Rally is having two significant meetings on Monday & Wednesday to sort out the results of the Sunday "Q & A" session & to begin making some hard decisions about our future. Tuesday evening is the Church Council Meeting at FUMC

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