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IRD Calls For Action To Prevent Radical Islam From Taking Over Sudan

From: mail@ird-renew.org
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 4:09 PM
To: jwarrene@ucmpage.org
Subject: Urgent Action Alert on Sudan

Dear Friends:

North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, the War on Terror….

Perhaps you think our government has enough on its plate. Today, I beg to differ.

The IRD has just received an extraordinary document from the Catholic and Episcopal bishops of Sudan. These courageous Christian leaders are imploring the world not to forget the plight of their people. We are releasing their appeal immediately.

The bishops offer inspiring pastoral admonition to their own people living in crisis. But they also have a word for the world community as well. They call for renewed diplomatic attention to end the decades-long civil war.

The Sudanese bishops identify one particular threat. The Government of Sudan wants to abandon the current peace process being mediated by several neighboring African nations (called the IGAD process). The Khartoum government wants to negotiate under the leadership of Egypt and Libya. This would be a disaster. It would betray the legitimate aspirations of all the Sudanese peoples for peace and freedom. It would betray the Church.

The bishops are clear in what they are seeking from the international community. Keep the current peace process on track. Act deliberately, but firmly, in building a just and lasting peace. And make clear that there will be international sanctions against those who resort to war.

The appeal from these Christian leaders of Sudan is to our government, but also to American Christians. Please read these documents, now on the IRD website, carefully. Please contact your members of Congress and the White House and urge continued pressure and support for the IGAD peace process. Please share this with others as well.

This is an urgent matter. It is urgent because the lives of our brothers and sisters in Sudan are at stake. But I believe the future of democracy in Africa is at stake as well. Radical Islam is seeking to expand its influence into sub-Saharan Africa. The front lines of this aggression now cut through Sudan. If radical Islam is stopped in Sudan, it can be stopped throughout the continent. If not, the future of moderate Muslims, Christians and others across that continent will be grim indeed.

Won’t you act today?

Sincerely, Diane Knippers President Institute on Religion and Democracy

- IRD Press Release: "CANS Stands With Sudanese Church leaders" - http://www.ird-renew.org/News/News.cfm?ID=712&c=3 

- Letter from Sudanese Bishops: "The War Must Stop" - http://www.ird-renew.org/Liberty/Liberty.cfm?ID=713&c=33 

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