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UM Clergy Make Homosexual "Confessing Statement" Opposing Church Law To Nebraska Lawmakers


Thursday, Oct. 26, 2000
Methodists sign statement opposing I-416
BY BOB REEVES Lincoln Journal Star

A group of United Methodists issued a statement this week opposing a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages and partnerships in Nebraska.

The statement urging Nebraska voters to reject Initiative 416 was signed by 60 United Methodists, including 23 active and retired clergy. It also opposes the denomination's prohibitions on same-sex ceremonies and ordination of homosexuals. <SNIP>


A Confessing Statement

We, the undersigned, who are pastors and members of the United Methodist Church in Nebraska, wish to make known our opposition to the so-called Defense of Marriage Amendment (416) and urge its rejection at the polls. We are saddened by our awareness that the struggles and actions of our church in recent years regarding same sex committed unions have helped to create an unsafe climate in our state. This has made possible, even encouraged, some of our citizenry to initiate this proposed radical change of our Constitution.

We do not feel that our state wants to make Nebraska the only one in the union that explicitly places a special segment of our population outside the protection of the law.

We believe our church is mistaken in its position regarding the place of God's children who find themselves to be homosexual, and we pray for forgiveness. We repent and confess our complicity in pushing our brothers and sisters outside the gate of the church, thus risking their also being outside the protection of the law.

History shows that whenever fear takes priority over the Great Commandment of love for God and neighbor, a drastic series of events is likely to follow. So in the spirit of the German Confessing Church, "We accuse ourselves for not witnessing more courageously, for not praying more faithfully, and not believing more joyously, and for not loving more ardently.

Rev. Patsy and Dr. Y Scott Moore (Lincoln) Rev. Bill Draper Finlaw (Lincoln) Rev. Melissa Finlaw Draper (Lincoln) Rev. Don and Helen Marsh (Lincoln, Omaha, Geneva) Rev. Jay and Barb Schmidt (Lincoln, Silver Creek, Fairmont, Fremont) Rev. Loren and Iola Mullins (Omaha) Lee and Helen Witters (Lincoln, Grand Island) Laurie Witters-Churchill (Lincoln, Grand Island) Rev. Jay and Maureen Vetter (Lincoln, Hastings, Fairmont, Grand Island, North Platte) Rev. Conley and Elsie Hinrichs (Lincoln) Rev. Mike and Carol McMurtry (Lincoln, Ravenna) Rev. Nye and Garnett Bond (Lincoln, Omaha, Palmer, Clay Center, Fairbury, Cozad) Rev. C. Ebb Munden (Lincoln) Rev. Jamie Norwich McClennan (Omaha, Dakota City) Rev. David McCreary (Crete) Ed Svagjr (Fairbury, Diller, Milligan) Rev. Sharee Kelly (Fairbury, Grant, Rushville, Loup City, Doniphan, Hastings, Central City, Omaha, Lincoln, Curtis, Howells) Joyce Heidelk (Fairbury, Hastings, Deshler, Blue Hill, Ruskin, Geneva, Beledere, Red Cloud) Jana A. Bouma (Lincoln) Betty Dorr (Omaha) Dr. David and Dr. Laura Wilwerding (Omaha, Bellevue) Rev. Roger Casteel (Lincoln) LeighAnne Scharp (Omaha) Rev. Carolyn Dickinson (Scottsbluff, Union) Rev. Donald Bredthauer (Omaha, Scotia, Marquette, Archer, Lincoln) Dr. Raponzil Drake (Lincoln) William Jenks (Omaha) Dr. Peggy Holloway (Omaha, Fairbury, Lincoln, Omaha) John Lee, (Lincoln) Rev. Mark Kemling (Omaha, Walthill-Rosalie, Curtis-Garden Prairie) Rev. Cliff Fryda (Lincoln, Gordon, Mullen, Pleasant Dale) Rev. Marvin and Joy Johnson (Omaha) James and Donna Lightbody (Lincoln) Mark and Amy Eldred (Lincoln, Omaha, Big Springs) Allison Vetter (Lincoln, Marquette, Crete) Emogene Whitten (Blair, Omaha) Rev. Kenneth D. Rood (Omaha, Genoa, Palmer, Lincoln, David City, Ralston) Susan L. Rood (Omaha, Wymore, Palmer, Lincoln, David City, Ralston) Rev. Douglas J. Williamson (Omaha, Lincoln) Dave England (Bellevue) Kathy England (Bellevue) Roy and Sue Schoen (Lincoln) Timothy F. Shaw (Lincoln) Rev. Doyle and Sue Burbank-Williams (Lincoln, Omaha, Martell) Patricia A. Kalterberger (Lincoln)

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