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Hypocritical Mainstream Media

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Date: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 9:16 AM
Subject: [Jude] Hypocritical Mainstream Media

Enclosed is copy of letter being sent out to some editors here and there over the country, including some UM, based on information I have gleaned over the past 3 weeks or so.


Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Dear Editor:

On October 9, 1998 the Associated Press released a 400 word story which was headlined, "Openly gay student critically injured in Wyoming attack." This was followed up the next day with a 700 word story of Matthew Shepard clinging to life after the brutal attack. Shepard died and major media outlets continued to express outrage along with President Clinton who stressed the need for "hate crime" legislation. Religious leaders followed suit, stressing the fact that God "loves ALL persons," and the need to do something about these horrible "hate crimes."

In the year following that tragedy the media gave high profile attention to the apprehension, trials, convictions, and sentencing of those guilty of Shepard's beating and subsequent death. And the effort was pressed by President Clinton to define "hate crimes" through legislation and enact the same into law.

Just a few weeks ago 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising of Prairie Grove, Arkansas was raped, tortured, and murdered by two homosexual "lovers." However, there were no 400 or 700 word details given in the major media outlets, and no outrage expressed by President Clinton in whose home state this despicable act took place! Even religious leaders, some holding the rank of bishop, seem to be tongue tied on this one.

When pressed on why the silence about this, spokespersons for mainstream media organizations did a lot of fancy foot work ranging all the way from a slow soft shoe shuffle to a staccato tap dance as they found themselves confronted by their blatant hypocrisy and bias in the treatment of news happenings! It was topped off by White House spokesman, Joe Lockhart, who said, "I try to keep my media criticisms to myself."

Anyone who has a bit of sensitivity as to what has been happening for a few years now is keenly aware of a militant agenda to force upon our society the acceptance of what is best termed as a same gender coupling lifestyle. The objective is to gain church sanctioned blessing for these "unions" and ultimately state sanctioned "marriage" between persons of the same gender!

Those at the helm of power and influence in the mainstream media will attempt to censor information of any event that will portray persons of the same gender lifestyle in a negative light. If Dirkhising had been a homosexual and the murderers "straight" persons, then it would have been a rerun of the Shepard episode all over again with even greater intensity!

Most pathetic is the fact that the majority of citizens accepts the hypocritical performance of the mainstream media with little protest and meekly go along as children following the proverbial Pied Piper!


Clayton D. Harriger
Methodist Pastor, Retired
Belsano PA

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