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Evangelical UM Accountability Org Mails Brief In UM High Homosexual Clergy Court Case But Doesn't Show

The supreme court of the United Methodist Church was asked Thursday to reconsider the denomination's ban on gay clergy.

The case centers on two church laws: one that forbids the ordination of homosexuals and another requiring that all pastors in good standing receive appointments. Mark Williams and the Rev. Katie Ladd announced during a conference in June that they are homosexuals. Pastor Karen Dammann declared her sexual preference in February, when asking Galvan for a church appointment.

The Judicial Council, meeting in Nashville through Saturday, heard oral arguments involving three Seattle pastors who were all denied appointments by Bishop Elias Galvan after revealing that they were gay.

Arguments for upholding the gay clergy ban were among briefs submitted to the council, but no one from that side asked to give oral arguments. John Stumbo, a layman and the mayor of Fort Valley, Ga., filed a brief on behalf of the Coalition for United Methodist Accountability, a group that works to enforce church law. He said the two church laws in question are not contradictory. "If someone is openly gay, then by definition they are not in good standing."

materials excerpted from Church Court to Decide on Gay Clergy By  MARTA W. ALDRICH, Associated Press Writer, Thursday October 25 6:27 PM ET


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