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UM Emory U's Same-Sex Marriage Policy Used To Coerce UM Duke U To Allow Homosexual Ceremonies In Chapel

  • DURHAM, N.C. - A committee will study whether Duke University should allow same-sex commitment ceremonies in the campus chapel after student leaders say barring them violates school policy.

  • Duke's current policy toward same-sex unions contradicts the university's nondiscrimination policy, which specifically includes sexual orientation, said Duke student government president Jordan Bazinsky. "Duke cannot lead the nation in its educational and diversity merits without granting every individual on campus equal rights to its facilities," he told the Duke board of trustees Friday.

  • The report cited Emory, Harvard and Stanford universities, all of which now allow the ceremonies within their religious facilities. Duke is historically affiliated with the United Methodist Church, although the denomination now has little control over the university. Methodists meeting earlier this year voted against church ministers officiating at same-sex ceremonies. The Duke chapel conducts nondenominational services.

  • "We do marriages. We do marriages for everybody who has a Duke relationship. These are not marriages. Nobody has a right for a worship service," Willimon said. "We try to be hospitable ... but there are many services that we do not permit in the Chapel."

Excerpts from: Duke University committee to study policy change on same-sex ceremonies in chapel, Wednesday, October 11, 2000 Associated Press

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