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PNW in Total Apostasy? Questions:

From: GKTTxAg@aol.com
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 10:27 AM
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Subject: PNW in Total Apostasy? Questions

Dear friends:

I pose today to you questions. What answers to I give to the questions that will be asked of me at church, by people who will be enormously upset and angry by this news, and who may finally be pushed over the edge to leave? Every time the UMC goes through these anti-biblical gyrations, 5 to 10 families leave our church to join the two non-denominational Bible churches down the road. The pews of these churches are filled with former members of our church, including former Board members, former trustees, worship leaders. Even though our pastor believes and preaches the Bible and Wesleyan Christianity, it has become too difficult for many members to be associated with "United Methodist". For so many Christians in our city, "UMC" has become merely a code word for heresy, wrong teaching, and leftist theology and politics. People are surprised to find that our Bible-believing, charismatic , evangelical church is a "UMC". I can assure you that we do not emphasize it, and it has even been suggested that we take the words "United Methodist" off of our sign, or put them in fine print under the church name. Many of us have become ashamed of "the Connection", because " the Connection" does not appear to foster and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ", but only the whims of evil men, and to facilitate the flow of money to support things that stand in opposition to the message of the Gospel.

What do I say to these people, my brothers and sisters in Christ?

Is the PNW in total apostasy and rebellion? Can anyone who foments this kind of activity be in any way connected to a real Christian church?

Bishop Galvan has , it seems, substituted the wishes and ideas of men, for the pure and unequivocal word of God. This is a clear example of "stacking the deck". Did Bishop Galvan select the committee based on their known views on homosexuality- in other words, was the "fix" in from the start? Don't the committee members also take oath or otherwise affirm that they will support the Book of Discipline? Isn't this fraud of the first order? Is the Bishop beyond sanction?

Does any of this matter to the Bishops assembled? Is Bishop Galvan "ok" because he pays his apportionments on time?

Does anyone care, at all? And if they do care, will it produce some action?

Greg Taggart


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