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UM Pacific Northwest Evangelicals Meet To Learn About Bible And Homosexuality In Pro-homosexuality Conference

Excerpt from Good News Update Email:

One other item. Please begin praying today for an "Evangelical Convocation" in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference that will be held March 10-12, 2002, which is actually next Sunday through Tuesday, in Richland, WA. This event will focus on the theme: "The Bible and Homosexuality: Faithfulness and Transformation." It is sponsored by the PNW Evangelical Community, which is a group of evangelicals in that conference committed to promoting a "faithful witness to the unique Lordship of Jesus Christ, and to support those who believe that theological relativism has eroded the historic Wesleyan commitment to scriptural authority and sound doctrine."

This could be a powerful convocation because it is being held in an annual conference in which a majority of the pastors take a more liberal view on the homosexuality issue. That means a fairly strong majority would probably favor the ordination and appointment of self-avowed practicing homosexuals. Most of those would probably also support same-sex covenants. So this convocation is a very timely and strategic gathering.

The presenters for this event include Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon, assistant professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He is the author of the widely acclaimed new book The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics, published in 2001 by Abingdon Press. It is a powerful new book that would be well worth getting, by the way. (Another positive sign is that Abingdon Press published this very biblical treatment of homosexuality.) The second presenter is Mr. Jim Gentile, who heads the Transforming Congregation Network within the UM Church. He will be joined by Andrea Yates as they address the theme of healing and wholeness to those affected by sexual brokenness. So this is an outstanding leadership team.

Please pray for the leaders of the Evangelical Community in the PNW Annual Conference. And pray for all who attend this convocation. I understand that the bishop and some DSs might attend, but am not positive about that. Pray especially for Rob Gagnon, Jim Gentile, and Andrea Yates, the presenters, that they will be clothed with God's love and power in what could be a challenging, and perhaps a bit hostile, environment. The Lord will help them, I am sure.

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