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UCMPage.org Invited To Damman's Church To See Play Depicting Christ As Gay Necrophiliac

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Subject: UM Accountability? Where?

UM Accountability? Where?
Peterson Toscano

Hi, I am Peterson Toscano, the author and performer of "Doin' Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House -- How I Survived the Ex-Gay Movement!" I am always interested in thoughtful discussion about my experiences in the ex-gay movement. I spent over 17 years seeking to find change from my same sex attractions. I sought the Lord diligently and did more than most anyone I know, to have God work a change in my life.

In addition to visiting my site, I invite you to attend the performance that I will give in Ellensburg. I would love you to hear my story. You cannot get the full picture by just looking at the web site. For instance, I never even imagined that Jesus and Lazarus were lovers. When you see the show for yourself, you will find that I give a careful presentation of John 11 with the account of Lazarus' resurrection.

I realize that the issues surrounding homosexuality and the church create tension between us believers. I welcome opportunities for thoughtful discussion about these issues that mean so much to all of us.

When I am in Ellensburg, I would like to meet with anyone from your organization who would like to talk.

Thank you.

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