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"Loop Hole" Homosexual Appointment Last Straw For Some UMs

From: Mike or Carmen Gordon micar@sunsix.infi.net
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 8:42 PM
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Subject: It's official: Gay UMC pastors appointed

To my United Methodist Friends,

After graduating from the UMC local pastor school and attending seminary. We watch in horror as the uMC was invaded by an evil force. It being the issue of ordaining the unrepentant homosexual and recognizing sodomy as a legitimate marriage ceremony. In 1999 we left the uMC. Until now we had not transferred our membership into the current body of Christ that we attend.

I guess we were holding out hope that the corporate uMC would get back on track and serve the living God. I know that there are many dedicated Christians serving the Lord Jesus within the uMC.

Some 270 years ago God sent John and Charles Wesley into the world. They came with a simple message. OFFER THEM CHRIST. Now there are "bishops" and "pastors" in the uMC out to destroy what God had anointed. The "bishop" Galvan is appointing unrepentant homosexuals as pastors in the Seattle Area. (http://umns.umc.org/01/oct/501.htm)

People who are called Methodist when will you take a stand (esp. the Ordained) and make a statement by publicly denouncing the apostasy, press charges against the heretics, or leave the denomination. On September 11th terror hit America. In September of 1997 terror hit the UMC; It is time for the righteous people to either take back the uMC or to leave.

In Christ,

Mike Gordon
142 Ruth Ave.
Benton, KY 42025


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