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Anti-Christian Pro-homosexuality UM Org Leader Accuses Conservative Good News Org Being The "Anti-christ"

From: rum-nc@yahoogroups.com  On Behalf Of Jean Aycock
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2006 1:25 PM
Subject: [rum-nc] Good News vs. God's News

I have finally gotten around to reading many old emails that looked too daunting to read through initially, put aside til I “had time”. I'd like to lift out a statement from a Good News' newsletter:
" What United Methodist agency is the most influential and powerful, and is most harmfully undermining the Christian faith and the beliefs of The United Methodist Church? The answer is increasingly clear -- it is the Women's Division of the General Board of Global Ministries..(of the UMC)..."

Gayle Felton sent us the article containing this quote 11/17/05. There were many other citations of ways in which the Good News organization has targeted the United Methodist Women for derision. It is obvious that this organization’s stance is not JUST anti-UMC Women, but just plain women-hating, anti-what-Jesus-said, and anti-UMC, in addition to be anti-inclusive for GLBT folks and anti-Jesus on those grounds. Doesn’t that make you feel weak and awful, like most BAD news?

Sometimes I become unmindful how DEEPLY anti-Christian-belief the verbal output of Good News is, given their talent for rewriting and denying their own statements when called to task on them. I sure needed the reminder that FAR from being a conservative UMC-based religious organization with conservative religious views that would probably be acceptable to many United Methodists, this an extremely subversive anti-UMC political organization masquerading as part of us, and that is not good news.

Thank you, Gayle, for educating us.

Here’s the real good news, folks: Jesus Christ loves and welcomes every one of us, and wants us to love and welcome everyone else who is willing to follow Him. Justice and love, love and justice. Doesn’t that make you feel STRONG and and WONDERFUL? It’s GOD’s news.


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