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GCFA Bishop Clarifies Personal Statements Regarding Agency Position

From: Richard C. Looney
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 1999 5:15 PM


The headline, GCFA OK'S General Agencies use of Church Funds to Promote Homosexuality at General Conferece, and Rev. Ramus Freeman's letter left the impression that GCFA had acted on this matter. My call to Rev. Freeman was in my capacity as his Bishop, not as an officer of GCFA.

I reported that General Agencies had sent petitions on homoxexuallity for as long as I had been associated with the General Conference (twenty years), the assumption being that agencies and individuals could do so.

GCFA takes seriously any official requests received for review of the way General Church Funds are expended. My verbal response to a pastor outlining the history of my understanding of the matter in no way reflects an action by GCFA.

Thank you for this clarification.

Richard Looney

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