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GCFA OK's General Agencies Past Use of Church Funds To Promote Homosexuality

Subj: Advocate Letter
Date: 99-04-07 08:23:36 EDT
From:  (Ramus Freeman)

Rev. John Warrener
Palmyra Road UMC Albany, GA

I call your attention to my letter in this week's Advocate -- in order to say that if you see any advantage in using it anywhere else, you may do so, as far as I am concerned.

I sent Bishop Looney and Taylor Phillips a pre-publication copy of the letter. Bishop Looney called yesterday to express appreciation for the courtesy -- and to say that the GCFA has no plans to do anything about the issue, other than to permit general agencies to send petitions on the homosexual issue to General Conference and to speak in support of their petitions.

Keep up the good work!

Ramus Freeman, Retired
S GA Conf Minister

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