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General Agencies Promoting Homosexuality With Church Funds Is A Violation

From: Ramus Freeman
Sent: Monday, April 12, 1999 9:41 PM
Subject: Church and Society Comments

[The following item is a copy of my Letter to the Editor of the Wesleyan Christian Advocate]

It may not be of concern to any one but me, but it bothers me that the General Board of Church and Society, at its March meeting, continued its efforts to promote the acceptance of homosexuality. It adopted a proposal to modify the "incompatability" statement in the Social Principles, a modification that softens the statement significantly.

The General Council on Finance and Administration, which includes Bishop Richard Looney and Judge Taylor Phillips in its membership, is charged with the specific responsibility of seeing that no United Methodist funds be used "to promote
the acceptance of homosexuality."

The Board of Church and Society uses United Methodist funds to finance its staff, hold its meetings, develop strategy, promote its proposals, and send lobbyists to General Conference.  It used United Methodist funds when it met in March and developed a proposal that is an apparent violation of the Discpline.

If the General Council on Finance and Administration condones the action of the Board of Church and Society by inaction, it fails in its responsibility to protect funds given by local churches. It becomes a part of the problem. The GCFA, by doing nothing, widens the credibility gap -- and makes Marietta First's action more understandable. If our watchdog is a gentle Boxer puppy, we really do have cause for sincere concern.

Ramus Freeman, Retired

South Georgia Conference

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