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Church High Court Takes Turn To Left Towards Goddess Worship - Pro-homosexuality UMs Pleased

Elected for Judicial Council at the 2008 General Conference on 4-28-08

Angela Brown - lay
Ruben Reyes - lay
Kathi Austin-Mahle - clergy [Re-imagining Organizer]
F. Belton Joyner - clergy
William B. Lawrence - clergy


Thomas K. Byerly [Pro-homosexuality Supporter]
Mary A. Daffin [Confessing Movement]
Jay Arthur Garrison (first lay alternate - most votes)
Raymond Mande Mutombo
Deanell Tacha
William F. White

J. Montgomery (Monty) Brown
John Harnish
James D. Karblee
Joe May (first clergy alternate - most votes)
Rodney E. Wi

Reconciling Ministries Network
Judicial Council Elections
Reconciling Ministries Network is very pleased with the election of largely moderate and progressive people to the Judicial Council.


Judicial Council Election Results

The key elections were this morning.

There were lots of problems with the voting keypads functioning or delegates being able to figure them out. Also, despite there being delegates from all over the world, the instructions screen was only in English!


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