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UM Pro-homosexuality Group Accuses Black African Delegates Of Accepting Bribes To Remain Faithful

Cell Phone Give Away Video on YouTube

Street Prophets: A Daily Kos Community reports:

Hypothetical scenario: someone comes to you on the street, offers you a cell phone FREE OF CHARGE for two weeks, and in return they ask you vote for someone.  Also, during the week, they will text message you and tell you how to vote.  Would you consider that buying a vote?

If yes, then step right up, kids.  That's exactly what the Institute of Religion and Democracy has done.

This past week, delegates from around the world gathered for General Conference for the United Methodist Church.  Their mission?  To listen to the Holy Spirit to give them guidance as they determine doctrine and polity for the UMC for the next four years.

Notice the "listen to the Holy Spirit" part?  To those anti-gay forces that will use any means to continue to bash gay people, that means to them they only have to answer the phone. 

The IRD has attempted to thwart the movement of the Holy Spirit by buying votes at General Conference and telling delegates how to vote.

How?  By giving delegates free cell phones.

Delegates from Africa, South America, and other countries were given cell phones for the conference, complete with an attached list of people to vote for.  As evidence, here's a videotape showing the distribution during an event, and photographs of the "instructions" attached to the free cell phones.

Full story:
VIDEO: IRD bribes UMC Delegates with free cell phones
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Source: Reconciling Ministries Network
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