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Conference Cell Phones For Liberal Whites Only: Official Women's Free Speech Police Say Giving Cell Phones To Black African Delegates "Racism"

From the GCSRW/GCORR Monitoring Team  [Free Speech Police] on Cell Phones
[GCSRW/GCORR - General Conference Status and Role of Women and the General Conference Commission on Religion and Race]

The monitoring team issued the following statement in The HERO Report about IRD (UMAffirm) and Good News' practice of providing cell phones to Central Conference delegates:

"It has come to our attention that at least one group present at General Conference is distributing free cell phones to a select group of [black African] delegates. This is inappropriate behavior, and it destroys community. We have gathered for Christian conferencing which requires trust, honest, openness, and respect. Whenever there is an imbalance of power relationships with the expectation of reciprocity, this behavior gives the appearance of paternalism, manipulation, exploitation, and of course, racism."

Editor's note: Are they saying that the black African delegates can be bribed with just a cell phone? Now who is the racist, here?

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