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American Family Association President Predicts No Real Action Dealing With Official Church Abominations And General Conference

The Methodist Church.com - A message from Donald E. Wildmon
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Don Wildmon's Predictions Concerning Action to be Taken by the General Conference Regarding the Dammann Case

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  1. The General Conference will not take any action which will overturn the not guilty finding. Maybe a statement saying we are disappointed or some similar pronouncement. But there will be no action of any real substance. One possible action would be a committee to discuss the situation.

  2. The General Conference will maintain the current language regarding homosexuality, possibly by a larger margin than in the past.

  3. There will probably be some demonstrations by homosexual activists including some retired UM bishops, possibly ending with the arrests of some demonstrators.

  4. The General Conference will vote to continue discussions concerning homosexuality and what the response of the Church should be. This despite nearly 30 years of discussions. Those favoring the relaxing of the rules know that as long as discussions continue, the better their chances of succeeding.

  5. There will be an appeal to individual United Methodists and local churches for continued financial support.
Dr. Wildmon is a retired member of the Mississippi Conference and correctly predicted the outcome of the Bishop Sprague and Rev. Dammann situations. Contact him at contact@afa.net.

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