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Pro-homosexuality UM Clergy Gather To Undermine Church Doctrine At General Conference

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Subject: [CALLED OUT] UM Clergy Vow to Highlight Differences in Denomination

Clergy Vow to Highlight Differences in Church

Chicago--The Reconciling Ministries Clergy (RMC) of The United Methodist Church met in Chicago October 20-23. Recognizing that the current policies of the church regarding homosexuality do not accurately reflect the faithful ministry practices in many local church settings, this group of clergy from across the denomination crafted strategies for an active witness at the 2004 United Methodist General Conference. This witness will highlight the division found within The United Methodist Church regarding homosexuality and the role of gay men and lesbians in the life of church. The Rev. Don Fado, RMC co-chair declared "It's time to end the debating, acknowledge our differences, and let us all get on with the business of faithful ministry."

The General Conference will meet in Pittsburgh April 26-May 7, where in 1968 the Methodist Church erased official structures of racial segregation. The Reconciling Ministries Clergy eagerly anticipate actions toward full inclusion of all God's people that mirror the impact of those of the 1968 meeting.

"All United Methodists who celebrate the vision of a truly inclusive church are urged to join in the witness during General Conference. We are simply not in agreement regarding homosexuality, and our church policies should reflect this diversity," stated RMC co-chair Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto. The Reconciling Ministries Network, which consists of United Methodist churches and communities that welcome all persons regardless of sexual orientation, will be featuring a rally, a major worship event, and other actions and activities which highlight the church's lack of unanimity about homosexuality.

The Reconciling Ministries Clergy is comprised of persons called to ordained ministry within The United Methodist Church who summon the church to a deeper level of spiritual and theological integrity in relationship to persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities and their full inclusion in all aspects of the church's life. The network is dedicated to active forms of teaching, organizing, strategizing, resistance and support for one another to help the church become more faithful to the radical love of Christ.


For further information: Rev. Don Fado, co-chair, 916.489.6964 Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto, co-chair, 415.336.4007

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