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NIC Voice GC2004 Update - Part XIII

NIC VOICE is a network of laity in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church.
  • NIC VOICE General Conference Update # 13
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    NIC VOICE is a network of laity in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church.
    Following is a forwarded newsletter released today -- it is a daily wrap up of today's session (5/3)
    The following individual reports for 5/3 are available on-line at http://umns.umc.org/.
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    http://www.umc.org/interior.asp?ptid=17&mid=3932 (this link includes a summary of the article).
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    In addition to following reports, see also:
    Service of Hope seeks to ease pain of homosexuality debate (UMNS Report released today, but not included in following summary)
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    May 3, 2004

    Today at General Conference is the official daily electronic newsletter of the 2004 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. Today is published by United Methodist Communications. Contact the editor by e-mail with your questions.


    • United Methodists join boycott of Taco Bell - United Methodists have officially joined a boycott of Taco Bell restaurants. First called in March 2001 by the Florida-based Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the consumer boycott is in protest of Taco Bell’s refusal to address the issue of alleged worker exploitation by its tomato suppliers.
    • Youngest delegate gets permission to skip school - Technically, Ryan Botsdorf is skipping school. He’s doing so with permission from his parents and teachers, however, because he’s getting an education he simply couldn’t get in class.
    • Africa University directors thank General Conference for ‘the vision’ - Sixteen years ago at General Conference, Louisiana Conference delegate Nancy Carruth stood at the podium and proposed a United Methodist-related school that could transform the continent of Africa.
    • Korean-American bishop cites need for roots - The first Korean-American bishop in the United Methodist Church emphasized the importance of racial and ethnic churches in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • United Methodists continue relationship with Puerto Rican Methodists - The special relationship between the United Methodist Church and the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico will continue, delegates of the United Methodist General Conference have decided. Despite questions about the Puerto Rican church receiving benefits not usually accorded to an autonomous Methodist denomination, more than three-quarters of the delegates voted May 3 to approve the concordat between the two bodies.
    • Central conference communication initiative - A plan to improve communications for church members in countries outside the United States was overwhelmingly approved May 3 by the United Methodist General Conference.The plan, submitted by United Methodist Communications, calls upon that church agency to identify new partnerships or assist with established partnerships among United Methodists in Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.
    • Delegates travel far to be part of General Conference - Gulshan Titus traveled from Jaipur City, Rajasthan State, India, to attend the 2004 United Methodist General Conference, and so far it has been “an exhilarating experience.” She only has one complaint. Dressed in a beautiful magenta sari, she says, “I wasn’t prepared for the weather (which dipped to temperatures in the 30s some evenings). They should have warned me to bring warmer clothes!”
    • Recognizing the Sacred - The delegation from the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference does not occupy a great deal of space.  There are two chairs reserved for them. But behind them is a great deal of hope, and centuries of waiting.


    • Youngest Delegate (Video) 14 year old Ryan Botsdorf of Pennsylvania is the youngest delegate at the General Conference in Pittsburgh.
    • Africa University Report (Video) Africa University Choir | Suzana Lourenco/2000 Graduate of Africa University: "Africa University is providing hope for the HIV pandemic."
    • Monday Morning Worship (Video) – Choir from First UMC, Flushing NY | Bishop Hae-Jong Kim: "They were self-avowed Christians." | "General Conference is our roots."
    • Bishop Urges Unity Through Love (Radio Story) - Bishop Richard Wilke encouraged United Methodists to deal with each other on an individual basis, and "put on love." (:50, 397K) [download]
    • Conference Celebrates Africa University (Radio Story) - Leaders and graduates of Africa University addressed the General Conference to express appreciation for support and request continued funding to help the university in its mission to transform the continent. (:59, 467K) [download]
    • Area Bishop Celebrates Church First (Radio Story) - The United Methodist Church celebrated a milestone when Pittsburgh area Bishop, Hae-Jong Kim, spoke to the international assembly. Art McClanahan reports. (1:00, 473K) [download]


    • May 4, 8:00 a.m.- Ecumenical Worship Service (Audio & Video)
    • May 4, 9:00 a.m. - Morning Plenary (Audio)
    • May 4, 2:30 p.m. - Afternoon Plenary (Audio)
    • May 4, 7:30 p.m. - Evening Plenary (Audio)


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