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Northern Illinois UM's Require Candidates To Sign Pro-homosexuality, Pro-Sprague Heresy Creed For General Conference Endorsement

excerpts from: Northern Illinois Conference edition of the United Methodist Reporter March 14, 2003 Page 1

Caucuses ask General Conference delegates to be 'Open to All'

A coalition of caucuses in the Northern Illinois Conference has been formed to promote unity and cohesion within the Conference during election of delegates to General Conference, the denomination's top lawmaking body which convenes May 2004 in Pittsburgh.

The coalition has issued an "Open to All" statement asking candidates running for General Conference to sign "to make their values and beliefs clear to the Conference," according to the Rev. Bob Campbell.

Candidates who sign the statement will be eligible for endorsement by the coalition that is planning to create a slate of endorsed candidates to distribute at Annual Conference.

Representatives from Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Clergy Women's Caucus, Methodist Federation for Social Action, Fellowship of Asian-Americans, La Junta HispanoAmericano, and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Persons developed the statement.

"We will continue in this Wesleyan tradition, and will not succumb to the pull of those who would require the affirmation of a solitary creed or statement of belief in order to be a member of the United Methodist Church, but we embrace faith in Jesus Christ . . .

"We believe that all people, without regard to sexual orientation, race, gender, age, economic status, disabilities or ethnic origin should be able to be in full connection in the church without barriers to ordination, consecration, church membership or any ministry of the church."

Editor's Note: "Open to All" theme is quite hypocritical as the group demands that ONLY their anti-creedal beliefs are permitted (as defined in their own "creed")

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