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NIC Voice GC2004 Update - Part V

NIC VOICE is a network of laity in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church.
How to listen/watch GC2004 session:
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Good News Updates:  Focus Home Page
Institute for Religion & Democracy, UM Action Reports

UM Action : 2004 General Conference

The 2004 General Conference of the United Methodist Church is taking place on April 27 through May 7 in Pittsburgh, PA.  UMAction director Mark Tooley is in Pittsburgh, and will be issuing regular reports on the issues and controversies.  Check this page for the most current articles and press releases on the conference.
United Methodists Debate Homosexuality Among Other Issues (28-Apr)
Church and Society Chief Lashes Out (28-Apr)
Former Clinton Spokesman Speaks at General Conference Luncheon (28-Apr)
Bishop Carder Delivers Old-Time Social Gospel (28-Apr)
The article includes interaction at a press conference following the address:
Carder instead suggested the issue would not be resolved by legislation but only by "incarnational love" and ongoing dialogue.

"We don't resolve ethical issues quadrennially," Carder said. "The canon [of Scripture] hasn't been voted on yet. It emerged over time."

Similarly, the bishop implied, the church's stance on homosexuality had not yet been settled. Meanwhile, he stressed the need for "civility" and the threat of "crossfire."

"How we deal with these issues may be as significant as the conclusions we reach," Carder suggested
Confessing Movement General Conference 2004 Reports
"The motion for a Declaratory Decision from the Judicial Council yesterday reflects the effort by United Methodists to try to understand just how the Karen Dammann trial court's contradictory verdict could have happened. It simply made no sense. And it left many questioning whether commonly-understood passages in the Book of Discipline actually mean what we thought they did."

Wednesday, April 28

Our Differences Matter (click here)

Methodists Federation for Social Action (MFSA) Reports
The Daily SQBs Of General Conference 2004 (in downloadable .pdf format)
Reconciling Ministries Network GC2004 Articles and Reports
"RMN agrees that we need to be open in our churches and pulpits when it comes to talking about sexual wholeness made possible by the healing power of Christ’s love. We are committed to proclaiming the love of Jesus, calling us to make real our proclamation of open hearts, open minds and open doors; calling our church to let healing waters begin to flow down upon us as we ALL reclaim and reaffirm our baptismal covenant…the watermark on our hearts and lives."
Announcements of Note for Northern Illinois Conference:
Sunday, May 2 “Come to the Water” Worship
Our spirited celebration of God’s abundant grace will take place at East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Sunday, May 2nd at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Janet Wolf and Bishop C. Joseph Sprague.

"What would happen, friends, if our General Conference would wade in the water, see the

heavens open, and feel the Spirit descend anew on us? What would happen if each and every delegate and volunteer at General Conference heard the Voice of Heaven proclaim: “You are mine. You are loved. You are pleasing.” What would it mean for a water-washed, spiritborn people to recognize God’s watermark on others once regarded as fearful and not demand that they or their families must mirror mine to be fully compatible with the body of Christ?"

Pacific Northwest Reconciling Ministries Network:
GC2004 Updates by Faithful Christian Laity: 
This unofficial BB is being used by Faithful Christian Laity (evangelical group in PNWAC) to provide updates. 
Cathy Biehler is volunteering with Good News and is attending the entire conference.
Following is not new, included here for your reference:
Bishops call for global conferencing on doctrine, diversity:  http://www.reporterinteractive.org/news/042804/GC04_d.htm
Conference opens with call for praise, prayer, work:  http://www.reporterinteractive.org/news/042804/GC04_c.htm
Effort fails to have bishops preside in committees:  http://www.reporterinteractive.org/news/042804/GC04_a.htm
Bishops express hope for 'holy conferencing: http://www.reporterinteractive.org/news/042804/pastoral.htm
Most in polls would toughen ban on gays, lesbians in church:  http://www.reporterinteractive.org/news/042804/polls.htm
As the present General Conference meets in Pittsburgh, however, I have found a certain peace about its final outcome, whatever it may be. I am by no means confident that the vote will go “our” way again. Even if it does, it only means that The United Methodist Church will continue to limp along with all the vibrancy of a whitewashed tomb for yet another four years, outwardly rejecting revisionist morality but inwardly corrupted by the very worldview which embraces it with open arms.
2004 General Conference Archive
Click here to listen to the following addresses http://gatewayumc.org/gc04.htm
Episcopal Address, Bishop Kenneth Carder
Episcopal Address Transcript:  http://umc.org/interior.asp?ptid=17&mid=4261
Laity Address, Gloria Holt, pres., UM Assn. of Annual Conf. Lay Leaders (N. Alabama Conf.)

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