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Good News Reports "Jammed" Turnout For Faithful RENEW Women's Meeting

Tuesday, May 27, 2004

Dear Prayer Partner:

Thank you for your prayers for General Conference. We do feel your prayers sustaining us, especially as we work late into the night after very full days. There are always logistic difficulties that add to the stress of simply accomplishing the daily tasks of renewal and this conference is no exception.

We were encouraged this morning that our very first Breakfast Briefing had some 255 persons attending, which was more than our highest number in Cleveland . There was a great spirit and a number of overseas delegates were with us. This number will grow.

Also, our luncheon today sponsored by the RENEW Womenıs Network was jammed to capacity. The hotel had to quickly put together an additional 80 lunches to rush up to the ballroom! Speakers included: Mrs. Faye Short, Dr. Janice Crouse , and Mrs. Judy Graham. It was an outstanding luncheon with much interest by delegates!

Pray for the members of the UMDecision 2004 coalition. This includes Good News, the Confessing Movement, RENEW, UMAction, Lifewatch, and Transforming Congregations. Pray for delegates to find consensus and a clear sense of the Lord's direction for the future of the church.

The first week of General Conference is always filled with committee work. Today, the 11 legislative committees met to organize by electing officers.

The Rules Committee had recommended that bishops chair these legislative committees. This recommendation was defeated by delegates, with help from the evangelical network.

These committees have now gone to work processing hundreds of petitions. They decide what gets on the agenda for the second week when the plenary sessions begin to vote on the various petitions and resolutions.

Pray for the committees to have clarity of thought and the ability to cover a lot of material without missing vital content or implications.

We appreciate your devoting serious time over the next two weeks to lifting up in prayer the delegates to General Conference and the members of the Good News team. We sense your prayers already and ask you to keep praying. We really long to see God do a beautiful work and we are agreeing with you in prayer to see this happen. God bless you.

Please feel free to share this with other friends, prayer partners, family members, and Sunday school classes.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Heidinger
President and Publisher  

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