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Goddess Imagery Included In Starting Hymn, Drag Queen Event Rumored, Bishops Urge Ignore Issue Dividing Church

Very long processional entry
One of the songs offered had the following words:

"We who come here long for nurture; by your milk may we be fed.
   [used in Sophia goddess worship liturgy]

Let us join your feast, partaking cup of blessing, living bread.
God renew us, guide our footsteps; free from sin and all its snares,
one with Christ in living, dying, by your Spirit, children, heirs.

Two bishops addressed the Conference

Key Comments:
1. Ruediger Miner -
"Proud of judicial process"
"Lay aside preconceived agendas
"Listen afresh"
"Go beyoned few to many other issues"

1. Kenneth Carder
Spoke about new creation
Some good theology, some poor. My impression was that he was saying some things both sides could agree with.

First legislation is to approve the rules for the Conference. There was a report supporting major changes to the rules to change who presides over the Legislative committees. Proposal was to put bishops in to preside. Following reasons were offered:
    1. Efficiency & fairness
    2. de-politicize the committees
    3. Eliminate chairship of proposed (i.e. the "conservatives already have picked out the committee leads before the committee even meets and then it's all over)
    4. All delegates are free to participate fully in the process without having to serve as Chair
    5. Better use of Bishops
    6. Eilimantes opportunity to use the chair of committees as a platform for running for bishop.

Sounded like the "spin" of the pro-homosexual behavior group to me

Delegates were not persuaded to change the tradition of the Conference, pointing out that this would eliminate all lay persons from ever chairing a committee and that we are people who raise up leaders who are capable to do the jobs.

Proposal was soundly defeated Smile

Legislative committees met to determine who would be chair, vice-chair, & secretary. I am observing the Disciipleship Committee. Chair is Jeff Greenway, the upcoming new President of Asbury. Very impressive leader.

In other news:

Good News breakfast has had remarkable turnout for the first day.

Renew (Good News' Womens Org.) had an outstanding response for their luncheon to discuss legislation for women's issues. Standing room only and they ran out of food.

Transforming Congregations is hosting a lunch to speak about transforming out of homosexual and other sexual identity problems on Thurs.

Rumor has it that Reconciling Network is providing a, if you can believe this, drag queen musical event for entertainment on Friday evening. I'll have to find out if this is true.

I hope to get online again tomorrow.

Powerful intercessor pray-ers are here. Larry Eddings is praying in the Discipleship Committee. They are praying in every committee. Have anointed the entire area with oil and prayer.

In Christ,
Cathy Bihler


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