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Faithful Christian Laity Confront UM Homosexuality And UM Witchcraft With Prayer At Pacific Northwest Annual Conference

Posted: June 24, 2003, 1:14 am Post subject:


Thanks for your comments and strong witness. I think the answer for the quagmire of the UMC is Evangelism and Discipleship to be followed up with Discipleship and Evangelism.

Lord, I am willing.


Well, where does one start?

Personally, I feel closer to Jesus than I ever have. I am surrounded by His Presence and absorbed in His love. I have never loved like this before and can't wait for an opportunity to serve further in the Kingdom. Jesus is so very good. I regret not welcoming Him fully into my life earlier.

The Faithful Christian Laity are growing in numbers. Fantastic reception in many private conversations. Those who oppose us were mostly restrained, though I sensed a lot of fear and anger underneath the surface. I also sensed a lot of pain. People looking for love in all the wrong places. Got a lot of people on board for networking, studying the BOD, proposing legislation to GC. Recieved lots of encouragement. Gave lots of hope.

I was elected as Alternate for JC. Let's see what the Lord wants to do with that. I should have known that if the Lord asked me to run, He would move to make sure I went. Pittsburgh, here I come. You would never have guessed that I HATE POLITICS! Looked like a fool politician. Walking around smiling and meeting people for days. Interesting thing was, I was sincere. I really was filled with joy and enjoyed talking to many people, wide variety of people. I might have been elected as a JC Delegate, the vote was moving in that direction, but the Lord requested I ask the Bishop some questions on the floor. There was a collective gasp, then a silence where you could have heard a pin drop, then boo's, then an apology. More on that later. The Bishop accepted my invitation to have coffee soon.

Found some very interesting paragraphs in the BOD that I plan to explore. Figured out how easy it will be to change the voting outcome as the numbers of the FCL increase. It's not rocket science! Was nominated to preside over the Finance Committee next year, which I declined because I didn't want to give up my vote. I'm vice-chair next year, with the understanding that I can talk and vote.

There was some excellent preaching, including Randy Maddox, and fantastic singing. Actually had the entire contingent asking the Holy Spirit to come upon us!!!

We had excellent prayer warriors covering the whole time in prayer. Good thing. It was needed. Many things were happening in the spiritual realm. It's clear that there are wiccans among us in the PNWAC. We have prayed to have evil unmasked and it was. We were able to pray against it specifically. Thank God for giving us spiritual discernment and the power of the Holy Spirit to stop the curses and send them back to where they came from. The shield of faith was up. The angels stood guard over us. Thank You, Father!

We had Class Meetings daily - modeled after Wesley's. Mind you they were misrepresented (avoided the confession of sin stuff!) in some ways. Nevertheless, I think they were very helpful in getting a diverse group of people to sit in a circle for an hour together and get to know each other. I led one of the groups and I was blessed by the group: liberal and conservative alike. Change doesn't happen if the people don't talk to each other. My group really prayed and talked together and I felt the Holy Spirit moving. There was some powerful witnessing going on. I heard similar reports from my friends in their groups. I commend our Assistant Bishop for doing this.

Official actions included voting into the JC delegation open homosexuals. All of the GC / JC delegates are of the pro-homosexual agenda (far as I could tell). The GC delegates are a little less so than the JC delegates. One Evangelical clergy is an alternate. Should be a very interesting experience coming up for us.

All of the petitions set forth by Evangelicals were defeated. Interesting lack of pro-homosexual petitions, which I attribute to people watching our evangelical e-mail conversation and postings here on our strategy for dealing with it by asking for the Bishop ruling. (Thank you, lurkers, for heeding the warnings posted here. Saved us all a lot of hassle. Don't fall into belief that the one passed in the NIC has a chance of surviving CG. It won't. Jesus is Lord.) Budget issues were central to discussions. I was in the Finance Committee and actually rather enjoyed the time there. It was rather "ecumenical" with a lot of people looking for ways to decrease the budget. The budget was more realistic this year, but still has a long way to go. We decreased the number of D.S.'s from 6 to 5. We lost one congregation who voted to go back to their Community charter.

For all the talk of inclusivity in our AC, I found it ironic that the floor would not allow Evangelicals a chance to even discuss some of the petitions they voted down. Talk about closed minds and doors.

That's all for now. The formal report to come later, as time permits.

In Christ,
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9


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