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The Spirit Rains "Holy Chaos" On Apostate Methodists' Agenda At Annual Meeting In California!

From: Tom Weathers tomcvi1@mlode.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 12:13 AM
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Subject: You've got to be kidding!


Here is the corrected form. You can post this. It will probably come back to bite me but so be it!

Editors Note: Tom, if it doesn't, you are probably helping the devil.


One goes to ACS [California/Nevada Annual Conference Session] knowing the raucous nature that will come over the whole time because of the gay/lesbian "alliance."

Do you know what it takes to cause very little liberal pronouncement at ACS?

How about a little chaos! Does the Lord create or enable chaos?

Maybe and maybe not, but there have been a whole series of Theological discussions on that in the past but let me give a list of some chaos that "just seemed to happen."

1. The printer who prints all the paper to be handed out breaks down or quits. Not sure which but from opening day on there is chaos in the printed material timing.

2. And the need for people to do the setup and clean up because the Janitors Union is out on strike. Only a few would cross the picket line (well hidden but in need of "Methodist" support BTW) to get this all done.

3. Not enough ballots for Clergy and then for Laity being passed out after the 6th or 7th vote and over 12 were taken by Sat. evening.

4. Then the color of the Laity ballot gets changed. Confused some.

5. The announcements of who are eligible for a vote and one is wrong causing a Clergy ballot to be invalid and all must be gathered up and destroyed before the next valid ballot can be cast.

6. How about loud drums over and over by the Koreans in the worship service they lead one night. Music to some, chaos to others. But a great worship service.

7. The use of God the Father as well as He referring to God and the Holy Spirit and Jesus many time during the ACS not just Worship. Oh my goodness how the lib's must have ground their teeth.

8. Digging out from older Methodist Hymnals, the traditional language to be sung by all at some worship services. Maybe it just appeared?

9. 1,200 uMC'ers repeating the traditional version of the Korean Creed in this non-creedal church.

10. People falling and being injured but, the Bishop stopping the politics of the moment for 5-10 minutes and then Praying for healing, for peace, for strength and that God would be Glorified in all that happens.

11. A Hispanic PREACHER preaching in spanish for the morning worship and getting a bunch of dead methodists to speak in "another tongue," shout and of all things clap their hands and lift them in praise of God The Father. Not just once but for almost 30 minutes while he delivered the whole Gospel message in Spanish and translated english.

12. The setup of barriers as the coming "rent a riot" folks practice for this weeks coming Agricultural Summit.

13. Police everywhere.

14. Barricades everywhere.

15. Hotels and vendors afraid of the riots and not very happy that we will move to Fresno CA. for next year at least.

16. People pushing aside sprague's trash to put Biblical texts and "worth reading" books right there in their place.

The list goes on but the Power of The Holy Spirit was upon many as they did more than just sit and read the news paper or whatever was on their tables especially for Saturdays Hispanic Bible Study.

Do you know what happens when in section there is no and I mean NO negative comment about the proposal? Some one decides that the standing rules Require! two yes and two no comments before it can be voted upon, Right? Just so more speaking time on the subject of homosexuality can be attained.

Then what happens if there still is absolutely no negative comment from the floor? Only Silence because of the nonsense of it all!

The liberals must send one of their own up to state a negative position. It goes something like this: "I cannot support this proposal because of the way it was presented with modification by the presenter which differs from the original proposal." Then a similar case is presented over language again from the liberal side only.

There you have it, two negatives and of course two positives previously given. Result, it passes. But oh wait, it is one vote short of the 2/3 required to place it on the consent calendar and thus must come to the floor.

It would have been taken off the consent calendar any way had one more vote been for it in section to put it there.

Then from the floor the same negatives: Who authorized this change from the original proposal? Etc. etc.

BTW any of you going to GC 2004 need to be advised that this verbiage from Cal/Nev is illegal since it quoted section 161G of the Discipline in highly altered form rather than as it exists today. And then once again 161G is quoted it partially altered form in the lined out portion as it then is written the way they want it to be. 161G as stated is not from the uMC BoD as quoted, it is pure fiction.

I don't care if they alter the fiction document the way they asked for. If it were correct in attempting to alter the BoD text I would object but whatever they are quoting is not the BoD! ;-))

They even handed out a copy of "United Methodism @ Risk" first to all Clergy and then to Laity.

Then they had to appeal for money to cover their evil from the floor. Poor me.

Chaos among liberals is so much fun to watch.

Finally it was great to see old friends and to lay hands upon them and others as they were Appointed and then to see their faces bloom with God's JOY as they looked up afterward being Anointed and full of the Holy Spirit.

Around us may have looked like chaos but where God runs the show there is order and power in His Name.

In Jesus who makes us whole




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