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Retired Liberal UM Pastors Campaign To Homosexualize UMC

March 2000
Sisters and Brothers in Christ

We the undersigned retired members and spouses of the Nebraska Conference are gravely concerned for our church and its relationships to gay and lesbian persons. We declare in our social principles that "all persons . . . are entitled to have their human and civil rights ensured," that "God’s grace is available to all, and that we commit ourselves to be in ministry for and with all persons." Yet wittingly or unwittingly, we participate in the systematic spiritual and sometimes physical pain and devastation of gay and lesbian persons, their families, friends and support persons. While the church claims to accept, love and include homosexuals within the "family of God", most gay and lesbian Christians do not perceive or experience it that way.

We are concerned for those who have discovered, fought, denied, hid, struggled, and prayed over their homosexual orientation. They would not have chosen a life that would bring ridicule, persecution, ostracism and pain. Unfortunately the church has had a part in this pain. God created us all and loves us all for who we are. The church needs to do the same.

We are also wondering how our church’s traditional Wesleyan Protestant theology is being impacted by a religion governed by legalism.

In light of these denominational concerns we hereby call for a more authentic openness toward homosexuals in our congregational life. We further encourage all United Methodists to join in the call of our Council of Bishops pastoral letter dated Nov. 5,1999 addressed to all United Methodists around the world to enter into Christian prayer, fasting and conversation. (Has this happened in your church?) "Come let us reason together."

In Christian love,

K. R. & Mildred S. Bailey
Neye 0. & Garnett L. Bond
Donald F. & Helen Marsh
Jay E. & Barbara P. Schmidt
Vivian J. Hand
Robert & Judy Barrick
LaQuita McKibben
Lincoln B. Justice & Rachel Ann Garner
Dwight Skow
John & Ruby Minert
Lowen & Ruth Kruse
C. Thomas & Betty A Capin
Harold 0. Massie
Jerry D. & Jolene McInnisMartha & James L. Voight
Donald J. Nunnally
Ebb & Lucy A. Munden
Michael W. Conner
Robert L. & Marjorie M. Miller
Conley K. & Elsie N. Hinrichs
George D. Wheat
Eugene D. & Barbara Beye
Loren Mullins
Olin A. Belt
Clarence McConkey
Patsy & Scott Moore
Dwight & Margaret Ganzel
Dwight W. & Ruth Kemling
Philip A. Kaye

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