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Hopes Fade In Committee For Separate Evangelical Conference In Disobedient West

From: RLKuyper@aol.com
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Sent: Monday, May 08, 2000 8:21 PM
Subject: More General Conference

Dear Friends,

The Evangelical Missionary Conference was voted non concurrence by the Conferences Committee 28-47-5. This is too many votes for the consent calendar so there will have to be discussion of the floor sometime this week. I do not know when. We are discussing a motion to refer to keep the idea alive. This General Conference is not passing anything different or creative. Miracles do happen, so pray.

Our California Nevada delegation has agreed to let Harry Wood our reserve delegate sit in on the debate and speak if recognized by the presiding Bishop. Harry is pastor at Visalia, third largest church in our conference and the largest evangelical church in our conference, over 1100 members.

Spirit has been good. No further developments that I know of today. Pray for our strength as we finish this week.

Bob Kuyper, President ERF California Nevada

I do not have ready access to email so pardon if I do not reply to all your mail.

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