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Disruptions Of GC Business May Be In The Planning When Homosexuality Issues Will Be Determined

General Conference Update, Wed, 5-10-00:

Faith and Order Reports to GC at 10:30 Thursday, Please pray for Enlightenment (West Coast Time) (Possibly lead by Cal-Pac's Mary Elizabeth Moore, Secretary to Faith and Order...)

News from Frank on Soul Force Action today and Arrests

I just spoke with Frank Wulf at about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon, who had spent the last nine hours in jail. He was one of the first to be arrested, and one of the last to be released. He said he wasn't sure up until the last moment whether he would submit himself for arrest, and knew in his heart it was the right thing to do.  Several of our friends were with him as he spoke to me, including Ed Hansen and Jim Lockwood-Stewart.  They were admonished not to get arrested again tomorrow as the fines would be significantly heftier, today's was $150.  Frank said he has fasted for the last three days, has gotten at best four hours of sleep each night, but is on a real high...  He said, sadly, that the coalition is not well organized, but they are working on it.

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 11th, most of the legislation regarding Homosexuality will be reported out of the Faith and Order Legislative Committee, which is scheduled for 1:30 P.M. Cleveland time. The various petitions have been reviewed and voted on by the Faith and Order, where Progressives appear outnumbered around 60/40...

PRAY AT 10:30 West Coast Time:  Frank said that there will be an organized demonstration (led by Frank, so he says) in an effort to stop the process of, i.e. shut down, the General Conference at that time. They hope to flood the isles with non delegates (which will be out of order), attempt to be heard from the floor, and who knows what else...  Frank does not plan to be arrested on Thursday, and does plan to be home on Saturday.

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