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Pro-homosexuality Groups Demand Bishops Break Code Of Silence And "Come Out Of The Closet" For Homosexuality


Affirmation: United Methodists for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Concerns GC 2000 Daily Newsletter May 5, 2000

Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are

We thought it might be so. Now we have learned from a confidential but informed source that our bishops had indeed agreed not to mention homosexuality in worship. The closest they can come, we've been told, are words like "marginalized" and "sexuality." Moreover, we understand there is much dismay in the Council of Bishops following Bishop Arthur Kulah's unilateral decision to speak out against the acceptance of homosexuality in his May 3rd morning sermon.

There is something ironic about the notion that it is now our bishops who are closeted, pledged not to speak their truths out of loyalty to the institution of the church. But we who have wrestled hard with the dynamics of closets have found that you cannot preserve unity of peace by refusing to speak your truth-- you can only isolate yourselves further from those you love.

We ask you, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, is a church that turns out the light to avoid examining what it does not want to see-- is that church the bearer of vision, the inspirer of hope, a blessing to the world? Can the church of God thrive in a climate of fear?

Jesus said it, and many of us have found it to be so: the truth sets us free. Free to witness, to bear good news, to speak out to those who would oppress, to name-- and love-- those who would be enemies.

If language is food and drink to nurture our spirits, we tell you it's a desert out here. We await your words, your honesty. Please don't leave us unnamed and unanswered in this dry land.

Source Affirmation Newsletter

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