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GBGM Income Increasing, Exceeds Expenses AND Apportionments, Yet Cries Financial Woe


Apportionment Dollars Not Needed

GBGM's Last Four Audited Financial Statements Show Excess Income (profit) exceeding expenses AND the World Service apportionments.  That means they if the largest UMC Apportionment were ABOLISHED, income would still exceed expenses!  The excess income (profit) would have been amost 24 million dollars without a single Apportionment dollar.

GBGM Excess Income
(income minus expenses)
Apportionment income, minus 93,364,555
Excess Income if there were no Apportionments equals 23,738,927

Apportionment income only accounts for 12% of total income compared to 29% from investments of UM mission gifts not used.  15% excess income exceed the 12% apportionments.

Income Break Down Four Year Totals  Percent
Investment Returns 228,083,762 29%
Apportionments 93,364,555 12%
Excess Income 117,103,482 15%
Other Income 349,568,263 44%

Total Income


Perhaps most disheartening is the small amount of UM Mission dollars that actually go to Missionary Support.  That is about 12 cents of every mission dollar given.

Income to Missions 1996 1997 1998 1999
Total Income 193,202,568 191,874,615 198,848,915 204,193,964
Direct Missionary Support 19,241,794 18,867,604 33,888,630 20,713,945


Income to Missions    
Total Income 788,120,062  
Direct Missionary Support 92,711,973 11.76%



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