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New Global Mission Agency Head Mean Less Of The Same, Evangelical Candidate Passed Over Because He Would Listen To Agency's Critics

Randy Day's election to head GBGM will mean little or no change in the direction of the once-great mission board of our denomination. He is an insider from way back. Tragically, one of the final candidates was a man who was a strong evangelical, has excellent credentials and has served in cross cultural situations. When asked what he would say to GBGM's critics, his response was to the effect that perhaps it would be good to listen for a while and see what they had to say and why. His interviewers were obviously displeased, and that was essentially the end of his consideration. So, it will be more of the same for GBGM.


Helen Rhea Stumbo (Good News)


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Randy Day elected to lead Board of Global Ministries

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STAMFORD, Conn. (UMNS) - The Rev. Randy Day, a member of the United Methodist New York Annual (regional) Conference, has officially been elected new chief staff executive of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries.

Day, previously announced as the nominee for the position of general secretary, was elected during the mission agency's Oct. 21-24 annual meeting in Stamford, Conn. His election was confirmed on Oct. 25 by the denomination's General Council on Ministries, which was meeting in Pittsburgh. Day took part in the council's Oct. 27 installation service for all churchwide agency top executives.

On Jan. 1, he will succeed the Rev. Randolph Nugent, who has led the Board of Global Ministries for the past 21 years. Nugent, who is retiring, will undertake a two-year mission lectureship for the agency. (See UMNS # 494)

Day, 55, is no stranger to the agency, having overseen its program areas of Evangelism and Church Growth and Community and Institutional Ministries since September 2000. Before then, he served pastorates in Connecticut and New York and was a district superintendent for New York City from 1984-90. He earned a master's degree from Yale Divinity School in 1972.

In his farewell speech, Nugent urged board directors not to be tentative in mission outreach in the future. He stressed the importance of spreading the Gospel, even in areas where there are other communities of faith.

"The thought that there are places in which we should not be, in terms of the proclamation of the Gospel and its mission outreach, is a serious and dangerous notion," he said.

The Board of Global Ministries is better equipped to do that mission as a result of structural changes undertaken in 1996, according to Nugent. "I am here to tell you that the mission and our response to it are much more coherent today than in the past," he said, adding that cohesion and cooperation among units has resulted in "a more effective mission outreach."

Another asset for mission has been the board's creation of a nongovernmental organization, affiliated with the United Methodist Committee on Relief, which has drawn in government funds for its projects. Now, with a proven track record, particularly in the Balkans, "we are moving to sharpen and focus our mission into areas in which we wish to be, as opposed to simply securing funding from those areas which are advertised as having financial resources available," he said.

Nugent also saluted the Women's Division, both for its programs for women, children and youth around the world and for its commitment to ethnic and social diversity.

He pointed out that changing immigration patterns in the United States could affect the church as a whole, both in terms of membership and mission.

"Our denomination could make a major effort in terms of mission invitations to newcomers," Nugent declared. "When the invitation is extended, however, will there be willingness to make the adjustments requisite for the full inclusion of the new members, who shall bring with them their new cultural status?"

As an example, he challenged the agency to make mission work with Mexicans in the United States a priority. Later in the meeting, directors took up that challenge by voting to set aside $60,000 to support specialized outreach to Mexican and Mexican-American communities in the eastern United States, where migration has increased in recent years.

The Women's Division recognized Nugent's tenure at an Oct. 20 reception and he was honored by board directors, staff and friends during a special dinner the following evening.

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