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UM Global Mission Board Out Of Touch With Methodists And Christianity Justifying Suicide Bombings

Siege, demolition and assassination the cradle of the suicide bomber
Dan Boyd dboyd@lakeridgeumc.org

I sent this to [G]BGM.

Please don't tell me that the leadership of the United Methodist presence in Israel are siding with the suicide bombers. It sure reads like this is the GUMC attitude and belief. Susan Olewine's bias shows itself early as her personal reflections starts off telling us that a 23 year old blew himself up and only adds as an afterthought that he murdered at least 18 other Israelis. Her words are "...a young Palestinian man, 23 years old, blew himself up, along with at least 18 other Israelis, many of them children and youth." She makes it sound like his intent was some martyr's sacrifice which only collaterally killed 18 others. She should know better. This 23 year old man is not a martyr, he is a murderer. Only people whose hearts are filled with hate and evil intentionally murder children. Yes, some of the military responses from the Israeli army make their leaders and soldiers murderers. They should be called to account, but so should the Palestinian murderers. Simply saying they only add to the senseless death in the region shows that Susan Olewine doesn't believe the murderers are wrong. Susan Olewine justifies the Palestinian murders because of her belief they are only "responding" to the Israeli occupation of their land. Notice how she defines the root of the problem in Palestinian terms only with these words, "In such days, we must return to the root cause of the violence in order to break the cycle. Addressing only the symptoms ensures our continuing horror at senseless death in this region. The root cause of the violence of the last 11 months is the on-going Israeli occupation and control of the West Bank and Gaza. After 32 years, it must come to a stop."

Since when does Christian ethics justify or excuse murder to the perceived evil of another person. She even excuses Arafat and the Palestinian police for not arresting murders. Does Susan Olewine know that her Lord and Savior tells his followers that murder and evil come out a person's heart and defile that person? Susan Olewine jumps on board an "ends justifies the means" philosophy in her attempt to demonize the Israelis and excuse the Palestinian bombers. Since when do we as Christians get to write off the covenant relationship between God the Jewish people as it relates to the land of Israel? This covenant does not excuse violence against the Palestinians, but it cannot be dismissed. Please excuse my cynical but very supportable belief that the leadership of the [G]BGM and many staffers don't represent the UMC very well and also miss the mark when it comes to having a truly Christian ethos and perspective on this and many issues.

Rev. Dan Boyd
LakeRidge UMC
4701 82nd Lubbock, Texas 79424


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