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Marietta First Splintering...Will Vote To Withhold 100% Apportionments

The church is splintering........ how many will leave "enmasse", how many will drift away, how many will stay? Only the Lord knows.

The pastor is retiring, more to come on that later.

A new church is forming (non-denominational; Wesleyan in nature) - more to come on that later also (first public meeting to be held April 27)

How they will fight and how far those that remain to fight will go to fight this and other actions will be seen at the Board meeting tomorrow evening. There was a proposal made at last month's meeting to withhold/redirect 100% of the apportionments until such time as the UMC takes stronger corporate action and responsibility for the downslide teaching and faith of the church. The vote will be taken tomorrow.

Charles is not a political advocate. He is a God-pleaser, not a man-pleaser. He has led by example all of those that would be taught by him. A friend of mine commented recently that ever since Charles received the news of his non-reappointment, he has been preaching the paint off the walls! He was an incredible preacher before, now he has been cut loose!

To some it would appear that Marietta First has "rolled over". Others will understand that there is more to ministry than internal fights and struggles. When the leadership of the organization will not allow you to minister in the way that God is leading, then it is time to leave.

It's all about standing up for Jesus, where and when and how He leads you to.

In His Service,
Member First UMC
Marietta, GA

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