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Pro-Homosexual Creech Associate
to Become Senior Pastor at FUMC Omaha

Don Bredthauer, former Creech associate, will be appointed senior pastor of First United Methodist Church Omaha Nebraska. He was one of the two associate pastors currently under Creech. He was a signer of "In All Things Charity" and had also agreed to do covenant services...until he recently changed his position in light of recent event.

He has publicly stated, however, that he still believes the UMC's position on homosexuality is wrong and that he will work to change it.

According to the "Omaha World-Herald" dated 5-18-98, the new associate pastor [Charlotte] Abram, declined Sunday to comment on covenant ceremonies. "She said she would respect the Methodist bishops' affirmation two weeks ago of traditional church stands on homosexuality, including a prohibition on same-sex ceremonies."

"The Omaha native said she supports First United's mission to be a diverse and inclusive congregation. She said she would follow the lead of the congregation and of Bredthauer in dealing with the opposition group.

"But, she said, 'I welcome relationships with everyone. I don't close any doors.'"

Susan Davies, the previous DS who was a major force behind the appointment of Creech, had been brought up on charges which were supposed to be resolved months ago. She, however, is leaving active ministry July 1st and may not face trail.

"Bredthauer, 60, said he wants to be a pastor to every member, including those who oppose him."

"He said he plans to work for reconciliation and healing and to build on the church's vision for itself as a community that includes all people without regard to race, ethnicity, economic status, age or sexual orientation."

"Bredthauer said he is open to the return of opposition members but has no specific plans as yet for reaching out to them."

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