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Bishop's Decision Disheartens Committed Christians

March 9, 1999

Bishop G. Lindsey Davis
Atlanta Area, United Methodist Church
159 Ralph McGill Boulevard, # 208
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Dear Bishop Davis:

The news is getting out throughout the state and the nation that you will not be reappointing Dr. Charles Sineath as pastor of First United Methodist Church of Marietta. I am not an altogether neutral observer in this matter, as I have among the members of my congregation the mother and sister of a member of the Marietta congregation. Your decision not to reappoint Dr. Sineath has hurt and disheartened a large number of dedicated, committed, sincere Christian brothers and sisters, not only in Marietta but throughout our United Methodist connection.

Your actions regarding the situation at Marietta make it clear that you are not worthy of the trust many evangelicals within our denomination placed in you when you were elected to the episcopacy. You have betrayed us for the sake of a corrupt system which puts money and power above the salvation of souls.

Bishop, you have sinned greatly against the Lord. A fitting act of repentance would be the surrender of your episcopal credentials.

Sincerely yours,

James A. Gibson III


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