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Marietta FUMC Votes to Continue Redirection of Apportionments

Dear Friends, Thank you all for your prayers during this time of intense spiritual warfare for Marietta FUMC.

We held our Charge Conference tonight.

There were approximately 800 people there (standing room only in our Family Life Hall) and the vote to continue to redirect a portion of our assigned apportionments passed with approximately 80% voting in favor of redirection and 20% against. The individuals that were elected to the Nominations Committee were strongly evangelical.

Our District Superintendent, Jamie Jenkins, in his closing remarks said that he fully expected that to be the outcome of this vote, that he loved and respected Charles Sineath our pastor, however, that he felt strongly, as does the Bishop, that we are in error and being led by leadership that is in error. He warned us (softly, read between the lines) of the repercussions of our actions...He then proceeded to give us the pep talk that we have all heard before - work within the system, withholding of apportionments will have no positive effect, we are all dependent upon and accountable to one another, etc., etc.

The second most emotional moment for me came (after spending 45 minutes in our prayer room with approximately 20 others) when I was walking down the hall toward the Family Life Hall, when the outside door flew open and all of our college students that are attending UGA came waltzing through! That our young people would think so highly of their senior pastor and desire to show their support by driving 1 1/2 hrs to and from college in the middle of the week really touched me! Our high school and middle school students were also there in force - no doubt encouraged by their parents, but there nonetheless! Even my son, who is not overly concerned about the political happenings most of the time was ready to do all that he could to show Charles that he thinks highly of him and wants to support him.

Our number one prayer request is to be a light for Jesus, to put all of our personal agendas aside, to have unity in the congregation, but not to compromise.

Would you continue to pray for us when you think of us, that we will be humble and obedient to God's will? That we will be sweet spirited and allow Jesus to live in and through us so that our witness will be increased and not diminished in any fashion? That we will find a way to work together with those that are so opposed to the stand that we are taking in ways that will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ?

And then pray for us as we move toward our next hurdle...the possible reappointment of Charles to a church elsewhere and all of the implications of such an action. We will not "worry" about the future, because we are certain that God is in control, however, we will continue to pray for faith, strength, and wisdom to discern the voice of God and the direction in which He is leading.

In His Service, Ellen

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