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Marietta First to Deal with Apportionment Issue Again at Charge Conference


Dear Friends,

Wednesday evening [12/2/98] at 6:30 p.m. (EST) Marietta FUMC will be holding their annual charge conference.

We are hearing reports that it could be ugly, with opposing factions presenting all sorts of items and amendments to budgets, nominations for next year, and other heated issues.

Please be in prayer for us that we will not get caught up in the heat of the battle but will remain firm in our faith that God is in control. Please pray that we will remain "sweet" to those who oppose us. Please pray that whatever the outcome, unity will be the result. Please pray that Marietta FUMC will be that light in the darkness that prophecy has foretold we would be.

Thank you for your prayers,


Ellen Beebe, Prayer Coordinator
Marietta FUMC Marietta, Georgia

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